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Exceptional natural skin care
- Precious Terroir of France -
* Vegetable quintessence *

Naturare takes care, soothes, regenerates, preserves, illuminates the most delicate and sensitive skin

Nature is extraordinary, it abounds in virtuous & lasting benefits for the skin

Let us rediscover its wonders thanks to a benevolent botanical heritage.

Nature vegetation sud ouest landes ingre
Nature arbre bourgeons floraison printem
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Plant Know-How & Expertise

Organic Agriculture - Responsible wild picking

Local plants from the South West region

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Slow Cosmetic

Naturare is committed to a green approach

Naturare cosmestique soin ingredients na

Quintessence Végétale

Optimal healthy quality without compromise

Care highly concentrated in plant active ingredients

0% synthesis

Organic certified

by the certification body ECOCERT

according to the COSMOS ORGANIC standard

Ethics - Health - Respect

Human & Planet

Strict charter, standards and certification audits

No tests are performed on animals

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Made in France Landes Naturare cosmetiqu

Green Innovation

Smart, responsible, healthy formula

free of toxic substances & endocrine disruptors

Visible efficiency *

* controlled, tested by experts in Cosmetology, Toxicology & Dermatology in an independent laboratory.

* confirmed by people with sensitive skin

Organic farming

Proximity - Local - Solidarity

Plantation Agriculture biologique plante

Precious know-how

Support & Revalorization of the French Aquitaine agricultural sector and its know-how. Preservation & Culture of the plant heritage of the South West. Our plant active ingredients are cultivated in France in the South West  by our partners respectful of the planet and its living beings. Our partners cultivate Nature, preserves it without enslaving or destroying it, on the contrary they give it Life!


Committed to Nature, from generation to generation, farmers, they cultivate Nature, relaying the accuracy of their unique know-how , inherited from their ancestors. Their hands give life, shape the Earth, work it, vegetate it and maintain bio-diversity.

Experts in Plant Heritage , they watch with the greatest attention to their precious young shoots, take care of them, repeat their gestures patiently, facilitate their development, and protect them with the greatest precaution. They respect the plant cycle for better quality , so as not to impoverish the soil, nor the surrounding flora, nor the cultivated plant variety. The precious plants are cultivated using healthy methods that respect our beautiful planet. They love our Earth which makes it so good for them. Let's encourage their expertise & know-how so that they can live decently!

Some of our ingredients come from responsible , responsible wild pickings made with a concern for preservation and contribution to biodiversity.  

  We support the agro-food sectors and avoid waste by upgrading fruit to plant-based cosmetic active ingredients, initially excluded from marketing.

By practicing short circuits, we promote proximity , solidarity , high quality and minimize our CO2 impact.

Earth is a real treasure!

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The Wonders of Nature for a greener future ...

Our ingredients are only of natural origin. Nothing is more qualitative than Nature, it is full of exceptional virtues, very beneficial. We select exceptional active ingredients with a high nutritional content, with proven healing properties, for unique synergies with increased effects. Some of our active ingredients are rare, exclusive and unheard of in cosmetics . We guarantee you an irreproachable organic quality, certified by  the independent organization ECOCERT Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard meeting strict standards. We do not go looking for our assets on the other side of the world where standards are almost non-existent and where animal testing is still permitted.

Better concentration in plant active ingredients for ultra concentrated, effective and beneficial treatments. Quality is priceless! We prefer to reduce our margins in order to offer you the best.

Vegetation flore vegetal feuille naturel


generous, highly concentrated in plant active ingredients

100% Natural Origin / 0%  Synthesis

Perfumes 100% natural origin

Floral hydrosols favored with water

Active Gentle plants, suitable for sensitive skin

For us, naturalness is not a simple marketing argument, it is the very essence of our brand.

In a world where profitability comes at the expense of your health, where formulas favor multiple "poor" ingredients from petrochemicals, so harmful. Where the formulas are more concentrated in synthetic elements, in water and contain only very few active ingredients. You will feel an immediate benefit but of no nutritional value in the long term because it is too low in active ingredients. Certain synthetic elements are "tolerated" and present in natural, organic products.

We prefer to go further by excluding them from our formulas in order to create uniquely natural treatments, highly concentrated in plant active ingredients, pure for more efficiency. The natural ingredients are more beneficial, qualitative, respectful and healthy for the skin.

No synthetic ingredients: no synthetic preservatives, no allergens, no artificial fragrances, no texturizers or petrochemical derivatives, no inactive or harmful components (no endocrine disruptors, no paraffins, no silicones, no parabens, no aluminum powders, no palm oil, mineral oils, etc.). Modern life, its frantic pace, its products, impose on us multiple attacks. You deserve to recharge your batteries, take care of yourself ...

You shouldn't have to choose between your health, your beauty and

safety, respect, health for humans, animals and the planet !


French excellence: ethical and committed

Biologiste des plantes

Authenticity, Quality, Transparency,

Your skin deserves the greatest care. In order to meet the complex needs of the skin:

Our plant active ingredients are finely selected, chosen for their virtues, their benefits, their nutritional contributions, their composition, their tolerance for the skin. Our formulas are a clever, innovative balance of ingredients for an intelligent synergy of very virtuous skincare.  Our treatments are manufactured according to the rules of the Art by experts in organic, plant, natural, ethical and effective cosmetics. Passionate, committed to a greener future, they combine artisanal know-how and cutting-edge science, respectful of plants. Bold, working according to the ultimate demands of the skin. The healthy processes, the cold techniques used preserve the exceptional virtues of plants in order to offer optimal quality and effective care.

With meticulous hands, they subtly mix plant active ingredients, renew their gestures, their trials with serene patience. Perfectionists at heart, they refine their tests until they find La Formula , a clever balance between efficiency and sensoriality. They create subtly balanced treatments that combine immediate and deeply lasting effects .

Authenticity, Quality, Transparency,

preparation cosmetique naturelle bio Nat



Let us take the time to recharge our batteries, to de-stress, rediscover the essentials, fill ourselves with authenticity and true values. Let's live a healthier life.

Naturare favors well-being in a symbiosis with Mother Nature. We respect the cycle of each plant as well as our partners. Against waste, we do not overproduce.

Against burnout, fast life, we do not shorten production deadlines excessively, we do not impose unnecessary stress. Human life and that of nature are much more precious than hypothetical delays causing overexploitation of cultures and their actors. Our objectives are based on respect, kindness, well-being at work and true values. Let's find meaning in each of our actions!

We are working for a greening of society and minds. Naturare advocates a return to the sources, to the essential and favors effective naturalness without compromise or artifice, for a more minimalist but intelligent and thoughtful consumption. We are working for a greening of society and conscience.

Be demanding, preserve your health, it is your most precious thing! Our Beautiful Mother Nature will thank you!

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