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Plant assets

Plants cultivated in France (South West)

Optimal quality  

Healthy without compromise

Nature is full of wonders with exceptional virtues. However, we select as a priority healthy, gentle plant active ingredients, respecting the most delicate skin. We undergo too many daily aggressions so we prefer to promote ingredients that will regenerate the skin gently.

France is full of very virtuous little wonders for the skin. So we do not source our assets on the other side of the planet whose ethics and applied standards we ignore. In France the standards are strict , animal testing is prohibited, which is not the case in other countries.

Plant assets come primarily from certified organic farming or wild harvesting . For example the maritime pine grows naturally without any human intervention.  Farmers, producers, committed growers and carefully preserve our beautiful French plant heritage. They respect the cycle of plants and soils. The plants are cultivated using healthy methods that respect our beautiful planet.

Let's pass on the best for our future generations!

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Natural ingredients

Pure, Genuine, Caring

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