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Landes Forest

Restructuring, revitalizing

Overlooking the Landes Land, facing the Atlantic Ocean, the Landes forests are populated by Maritime Pines. The Maritime Pine is part of a complex ecosystem where many animal and plant species come together. The forests of the Landes are home to a vast diversity of flora and fauna. Maritime pine grows in the wild without any particular intervention, all you have to do is pick up its fallen pine cones after ripening.

Emblem and green heritage of the Landes, Maritime Pine is an exceptional ingredient, very rare in cosmetics.

Excellent antioxidant , rich in pycnogenol, an antioxidant superior to vitamin C and E. It also contains vitamin E so beneficial to the skin, omega 3,6,9 . But its uniqueness lies in the presence of essential fatty acids Delta 5, extremely rare which has the action of restructuring the skin.

Maritime pine promises deep hydration for nourished, supple, plumped, firmed and protected skin . It revitalizes the radiance of the complexion and gently comforts the skin. Pine has the property of preventing the oxidation of cell membranes, preventing their inflammation, both responsible for the aging of the epidermis, it redensifies in depth, fills wrinkles, restores elasticity, tone to the skin. skin. Pine preserves the skin from external aggressions, bacterial infections and corrects pigment spots.

Name: Maritime Pine

INCI name: Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract

Obtaining process: distillation, artisanal know-how

Part of the plant extracted: Pine cone bark

Botanical name: Pinus Pinaster Bark

Botanical family: Pinaceae

Quality: 100% Pure, Natural without chemical treatment

Country of origin: France (Landes)

Culture: Wild without any human intervention, organic par excellence & local

Recognized function & virtues: antioxidant, revitalizing, anti-aging, moisturizing, firming.

New in cosmetics!

No animal testing


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