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NET component of IntelliAdmin can be used with SQL Server, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008 R2. Requirements Download the latest.NET Framework SDK from Microsoft. Installation IntelliAdmin Enterprise can be installed with the following methods: Install using the Microsoft.NET Framework SDK Download and install the IntelliAdmin Enterprise server from the IntelliAdmin Enterprise website. See also Database Engine Tuning Advisor Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Microsoft Management Console (MMC) - "SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)" SMO - "SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)" External links IntelliAdmin Enterprise: New Site for SQL Server Management Tools and Products IntelliAdmin Enterprise - Microsoft Download Center References Category:Microsoft software Category:SQL server management tools# DO NOT MODIFY. This file was generated by # # If the only values field has a generated map value, any Update operation # must have either all or none of the keys present. description: "update: only values field with map value" update: Q: Join 2 tables and get totals in Power BI I am having trouble joining 2 tables together to get a summation of 2 different columns in Power BI. I have a table called "Eco2_FTSE" with 20 columns and I have a table called "Supplier" that has only 3 columns. The structure of Eco2_FTSE looks like this: Eco2_FTSE



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