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croissance nouvelle

Ecological aspirations

Naturare was born from a love and a deep respect for Mother Nature who has so much to offer us ...

His Wonders are timeless

An awareness of Nature, a desire to protect the planet, an awareness of human actions, of the petrochemical industries. The observation of products, actions so harmful to the environment and human health.

Synthetic products are aggressive for our skin, our hair and our health. They provide no nutrients and in high doses gradually weaken us. In particular derivatives of the methyl / propyl / ethyl / tetra families… and many others (paraben, aluminum…). Derived from petrochemicals, they are very economical and we find them in many formulas.

In industry, the key words are: price gain, better profitability, productivity, with formulas where only a few drops are enough to indicate the natural appearance. We want genuine, beneficial, healthy natural products with no harmful or inactive ingredients, with strict standards, of the highest quality, and not tested on animals.

Let us take full advantage of the benefits of Nature and plants in order to live in the best possible health and shape!

Rivière entourée d'arbres

Preservation of French plant heritage 

Its Agricultural Lands, its Terroir, its know-how ...

Our benefactor products could not be without our very dear French producers, so benevolent towards their harvests. Our desire is to preserve the agricultural and cultivable lands of our beautiful territory . In order to transmit all the plant diversity of our country . We favor healthy crops and encourage the know-how of our partners. As far as possible their crops are certified organic farming. Our partners, farmers and producers are committed, they take the greatest care of their crops and the environment.

The plants are cultivated healthily and harvested at the best time while respecting their development cycles, so as not to create stress on the plant, allowing its benefits to be increased tenfold. The plant can then start its cycle again in peace. The quality obtained will be even better.  

Our raw materials do not come from GMOs, nor irradiated (denaturing them of their virtues), no pesticides, nor chemical fertilizers are used.

The crops are diversified in order to preserve the nutritional balance of the soils.

Our partner farmers practice soil rotation so as not to deplete or impoverish soils in order to preserve and regenerate them.

They use natural compost as a fertilizer to enrich the soil and replenish crops with nutrients essential for their development.

They grow other cover crops such as clover to enrich the main crop land with nutrients. It also increases water retention, improves soil aeration and protects against erosion.

And many other processes of which only they have the secret in order to guarantee exceptional crops of optimal quality, healthy for you, them, the Plants, their ecosystem, the soils, the planet.

Naturare wouldn't exist without them! No words could reflect their work,  their devotion to giving us the best of Mother Nature. They safeguard our plant heritage over the centuries. Thank you so much !

Des boîtes de Pétri

French Excellence

Eco - Friendly & natural committed laboratory

For flawless expertise!

The Laboratory, on a human scale, is artisanal, it brings together experts in natural, plant and organic cosmetics. They are working to change the future of cosmetics. A total natural commitment is not without repercussions, it requires many efforts that are difficult to achieve for large manufacturers. Every day, they solve technical constraints in order to produce more healthily, to always better preserve the virtues of plant active ingredients and to offer cosmetics as concentrated as possible. The manufacturing techniques are gentler so as not to denature the molecular structure of each ingredient, of natural origin, which would degrade it considerably.

The green innovation practiced allows to obtain the quintessence of exceptional skincare saturated exclusively with raw materials of natural origin. Each treatment is a subtle alliance with perfect balance, formulated according to the rules of the Art in order to obtain unique, rich, nutritional synergies , with powerful benefits that meet complex skin needs. Green chemistry & the greening of the industry promotes more ethical manufacturing processes, more respectful of the ingredients, of our planet and virtuous for our health.

Your health is priceless!

Ode to Mother Nature

"Founded on sound values, Naturare is a rebirth"

Its founder Nastasya has lived since her earliest childhood in a very natural setting, in harmony with nature. The forest is home to the family home. Eight years in the world of luxury, she worked intensely for prestigious Maisons.

After serious health problems ...

"I was working a lot. One day I looked in the mirror and I saw a stranger ...

This life had taken me so far from my deepest values and no longer had any meaning. I had to be reborn! "

Naturare was born ...


Modern life having strained her health, intolerances, skin allergies to commercial products including some "natural, organic" , she carried out more in-depth investigations. Over the years she has developed a plant expertise. Selecting soft, hypoallergenic, qualitative plant elements for natural care (cosmetics, beauty, hygiene, housekeeping, laundry ...) . The benefits are felt durably and the results visible quickly.

"I have always lived in a natural universe. And designed my treatments. I surveyed my native forests and meadows in search of small vegetable wonders! I am of a nature more sensitive to pollution and synthetic products. Nature is an art of living where aspirations are reflected in every act, goal or thought. "

Coming from a line of Women with plant expertise, in the footsteps of her grandmother herbalist - botanist who practiced aromatherapy and herbal medicine, full of this heritage that she wishes to share. Nicknamed " The Druidess" in modern times, her devotion to Nature led her to found Naturare. Accompanied and advised by technical experts in the laboratory, farmer friends, with knowledge inherited from their ancestors, passed down from generation to generation, and friends specializing in green chemistry.

This project is the culmination of a total aspiration to a healthier life, filled with a deep respect for Mother Nature.

"Unfortunately the knowledge of Nature has been neglected in the face of the development of industrialization, of exacerbated productivism. Where profit is made to the detriment of any other element, including human and planetary health! Modern Life has taken one away from us. a little more each day, let's take the time to listen to it and feel it.

It is necessary to find a balance!

My objective is not to enslave Nature by an intensive culture, more than necessary, where waste reigns. My desire is to promote biodiversity, to cultivate plants while respecting their cycles and to promote them for their benefits. It is vital to preserve Nature and know-how, to pass them on so that they do not disappear.  I want to share my ecological aspirations in order to offer healthier, more collaborative care and to preserve your health.

Let us get closer to Nature, Mother of all life, she has so much to offer us! "

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